What is Ohio Legal Aid

Ohio Legal Aid is comprised of nine legal aid organizations that serve Ohioans struggling to make ends meet by providing high quality legal help and problem solving throughout Ohio’s 88 counties. Each of these organizations provide legal counsel – at no cost to the client – to help Ohioans achieve justice for themselves and their families.

Throughout Ohio, families struggle to ensure that their children receive adequate medical care and education supports in order to keep them healthy and make them successful in school; veterans struggle to obtain the military benefits they were promised and to secure safe and stable housing; and seniors strive to live out their retirement safely, independently, and financially secure. Ohio Legal Aid ensures that these vulnerable Ohioans have a voice in achieving justice for themselves and their families.

Support legal aid and help a child with disabilities succeed in school, assist a veteran in securing benefits, and protect a victim of domestic violence. You can make the difference – Give Now.