Ohio has a long and proud history of providing legal help and problem solving to in-need Ohioans. The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland was America’s fifth legal aid society, founded in 1905, and Legal Aid of Greater Cincinnati was our nation’s seventh legal aid society, founded in 1908. For more than 100 years, Ohioans have been ensuring justice for all by supporting Ohio Legal Aid.

During the last two decades, Ohio’s Legal Aids consolidated and implemented new technologies to serve Ohioans better.

During the recent foreclosure crisis, Ohio’s Legal Aids saved over 4,000 homes. These efforts not only kept children in their school, but also saved counties vacant property costs, prevented crime, and protected property values for every neighbor whose home touched a saved home.

Throughout its history, Ohio Legal Aid’s efforts to secure justice for those in need has built a stronger Ohio in which more people can live independent and financially secure lives.