Many Ohioans cannot afford the legal help they need when facing life-changing situations, such as domestic violence, unlawful eviction, or the wrongful denial of benefits. Supporting legal aid ensures access and fairness for all in the justice system.

Protecting Mr. Jones’ Health

Ralph Jones, an 80-year-old senior injured in a fall, was temporarily admitted to a nursing facility for physical therapy while waiting for surgery. Mr. Jones’ Medicare Managed Care program, however, incorrectly terminated his Medicare coverage. As a result, the nursing home attempted to discharge Mr. Jones.

Legal aid stepped in and stopped the discharge, ensuring Mr. Jones continued to receive his medically necessary physical therapy so that he was fully prepared for his surgery. Because of legal aid, Mr. Jones achieved access to justice.

Saving a Firefighter from Foreclosure

Michael Smith was a dedicated firefighter-paramedic with 32 years of service when emphysema cut his career short. Shortness of breath left him unable to serve as a first responder, eventually forcing him to leave the fire department. Without a source of income, Michael could not keep up with the payments on his mortgage and the bank filed for foreclosure on his home. Fearing losing his family home, Michael turned to legal aid for help.

Once his immediate housing crisis was solved, Michael had the time to secure disability compensation so that he could continue to pay his mortgage. Thanks to legal aid’s commitment to ensuring fairness for all in the justice system, Michael’s home was saved.


Protecting Leeann and her daughter from abuse

Leeann,* a victim of domestic violence who left her husband in order to protect her young daughter, was worried that her estranged husband continued to be violent in front of their daughter during his parental visits in Leeann’s apartment. After Leeann’s abusive husband was arrested and charged for domestic violence, Leeann complied with her lease requirements and notified her landlord of her husband’s abuse and arrest.

Leeann was stunned when she subsequently received an eviction notice alleging that she had “allowed a person onto the property who committed a crime.” Unable to afford an attorney, Leeann reached out to legal aid for help. Legal aid, recognizing that Leeann had done everything to protect her daughter and be honest with her landlord, and knowing that Leeann’s rights to safe housing are protected through the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), got the eviction dismissed. Thanks to legal aid, Leeann and her daughter remain safe from her abusive husband and stable in their home.
* Name and photo have been changed to protect client privacy.


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