Every day in Ohio there is a child, a father, a victim of domestic violence, a veteran that needs a voice. Providing a legal voice to an Ohioan who can’t afford it will…

Help Baby Jack Turn a Corner

Baby Jack* was born prematurely and needed medicine to prevent a life-threatening respiratory disease. When Medicaid denied the request for medication to treat the disease, Jack’s doctor referred Jack’s mother to the medical-legal partnership between the hospital and legal aid. Legal aid expedited a request to Medicaid asking that the matter be reviewed immediately. In response, Medicaid immediately approved the request for life-saving medication. Jack’s health greatly improved following his first treatment. Legal aid helped Jack turn a corner from an unhealthy infancy to a healthy childhood.
* Name and photo have been changed to protect client privacy.

Help Michael Turn a Corner

Michael,* 23 years old and a father of two, had a criminal record that was preventing him from advancing in his job. When Michael was 18, he was hanging out with his friends at the park when the park bathroom was vandalized. After one of his friends confessed to vandalizing the bathroom, all of the young men, including Michael, were charged with vandalism and criminal trespass. Even though Michael had never been in trouble with the law before, the convictions prevented him from obtaining a management position at the restaurant where he worked. Legal aid successfully helped Michael seal his criminal record. As a result, he was able to obtain the restaurant management position; earn a higher salary; and better provide for his family. Thanks to legal aid, Michael turned a corner from being unable to advance in his job to achieving greater success.
* Name and photo have been changed to protect client privacy.


Help Karen Turn A Corner

Karen* was in a long-term abusive marriage. Her husband had been criminally charged for assaulting her and two of their four children. She desperately wanted to leave her husband and file for divorce, but she was unable to afford an attorney and afraid to face the domestic court on her own. Then, Karen contacted legal aid. Legal aid helped Karen secure a Civil Protection Order, obtain a divorce, and transition her four children out of the abusive relationship. Legal aid also ensured that Karen and her children were able to remain in the family home. Thanks to legal aid, Karen and her children have turned a corner from a life of fear and abuse toward one of safety and security.
* Name and photo have been changed to protect client privacy.



Help David Turn A Corner

David* is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and has suffered from severe PTSD since a traumatic attack during his deployment. As a result, David was awarded limited VA benefits. When his PTSD grew so severe that it prevented him from maintaining stable employment, David contacted legal aid. Legal aid helped David increase his monthly benefits. David can now focus on employment counseling and other services provided by the VA. Legal aid helped David turn the corner from financial instability to stability.
* Name and photo have been changed to protect client privacy.


Provide a legal voice to those who can’t afford it and help a child with disabilities succeed in school, assist a veteran in securing benefits, and protect a victim of domestic violence. You can make the difference – Give Now.